Pulsar discoverer Jocelyn Bell Burnell wins Breakthrough Prize – Hymn – In quasars, quarks and pulsars

This hymns was written over 30 yeaars ago after reading Stephen Hawking's Brief history of time

1	The God of cosmic question
	Surprises by his birth,
	Not in some new dimension
	But on this ravaged earth!

2	In quasars, quarks and pulsars
	We seek the cosmic truth:
	The ground of our existence
	That set creation loose,

3	And human senses lead us,
	Through all they analyse,
	From arrogance to wonder,
	To spiritual surprise.

4	But senses have their limits:
	Unanswered still there lies
	The single, deepest question
	Our intellect supplies.

5	Yet history proffers insight:
	The Christ of time and space
	Speaks of a God incarnate
	Amid this curious race:

6	Alive within our compass,
	Upon this ravaged earth,
	The God of cosmic question
	Surprises by his birth!

Andrew E Pratt (born 1948)	
© 1991 Stainer & Bell Ltd 
7 6 7 6 Iambic Tunes: KINGS LYNN (also COSMIC QUESTION)
Published in Blinded by the Dazzle

Alternative second verse -

2	At scientific frontiers
	We seek the cosmic truth:
	The ground of our existence
	That set creation loose,

How a hymn was written – A Song of the Sea – Hymn of the Day – Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland

‘A Song of the Sea’ was published recently on this blog. It is the Hymn of the Day today 30th July 2021. The reflection on it tells how it was written and there is a link to it being sung – click here to follow to the reflection

Hymn at a time of ‘levelling up’ – A promise of heaven is fine if you’re dead

A promise of heaven is fine if you’re dead, 

but we’re in the present, need food and need bread,

the Christ that we ‘worship’ to whom we might pray,

would heal in the present, feed folk in his day.

And that still has meaning where poverty kills,

where selfishness injures – that’s not what God wills.

A levelling up, to which we might aspire,

says yes to the sacrifice God would require.

To follow the Christ child from manger to cross,

involves our self-giving not counting the loss,

to take from the poor while we bolster our wealth,

confirms our hypocrisy, signs our ill-health.

The world Jesus promised in action and word

made selfishness something both cruel and absurd;

to love every neighbour of each race and creed,

gave all of God’s grace to meet all the world’s need.

Andrew Pratt; 15/7/2021

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Hymn for the Day 13 – This is the newborn baby – FACE OF JESUS

I thought I knew most of Martin Leckebusch’s hymns, but this wonderful text is new to me. Set beautifully and sung by Sue Gilmurray https://hymnsocietygbi.org.uk/2021/07/this-is-the-newborn-baby-sue-gilmurray/?fbclid=IwAR1vDHgVTtWysEx5jE2e6nHBLSWfCax51buGNWN214eEtjFM2TfmPcRAXVc